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Membership Card: Regal Card Membership Card issued by Regal Hotels to a member under the Membership scheme
Blackout Dates and Regal Hotels Selected Dates: Blackout Dates specified by Regal Card and Regal Hotels Selected Dates specified by Regal Hotels (respective restaurant/facility/hotel) on which Membership benefits including but not limited to Membership discount, promotional offers and voucher usage are not applicable.
Privacy Statement: The policies adopted by the Company in relation to the processing of personal data collected from this website and the policies adopted by the Company in relation to the handling of personal privacy of customers and visitors to this website. 
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  • In the event of discrepancy or inconsistency between English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions and any other applicable terms and conditions in effect at the relevant time, the English version shall apply and prevail.

Terms and Conditions of Regal Card

  • Membership is valid for 1 year (12 months) from the issuance date of the Membership Card.
  • Membership is a personal membership and is open to individuals aged 18 or above only. Regal Hotels reserves the right to request for valid identification document(s) from the applicant for verification purpose.
  • Membership Card remains the property of Regal Hotels and can only be used by the member in person exclusively. It is non-transferable, and must not be loaned, sold or otherwise provided to third party(ies) for the use by such third party(ies). Members must keep their Membership Card properly at all times.
  • All Membership benefits will only be honored upon presentation of a valid Membership Card by the member in person. The member is required to check-in in person to enjoy any accommodation offer. Respective staff of Regal Hotels or any of its facilities/restaurants/hotels (where applicable) reserves the right to request for valid identification document(s) of the user for verification purposes, including but not limited to documents such as credit card and/or driving license.
  • The Membership benefits including discounts, promotional offers, vouchers usage and reward points earning are not applicable to happy hours, ticket sales events, banquet, festive items at Regal Patisserie, special promotional items and menus, all inclusive menus, bottled wine and spirit, cigarette, cigar, selected items, charges for tea and condiments, 10% service charge (based on the original bill) and other service charges.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the Membership benefits (i) are not redeemable for cash or any services and is non-refundable either for whole or part of the value; (ii) cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers including but not limited to other promotional discounts (e.g. credit card discount), vouchers and complimentary valet parking and (iii) are not for resale.
  • Membership benefits including but not limited to Membership discount, promotional offers and voucher usage are not applicable on Blackout Dates and Regal Hotels Selected Dates.
  • Should there be any queries on discount, offer, reward points calculation or voucher usage, please check with the respective restaurant/facility staff and make any necessary corrections/arrangements before bill settlement at the respective restaurant/facility. No corrections/arrangements will be made thereafter. In any event the decision of Regal Hotels or the respective restaurant/facility shall be final and conclusive.
  • Photocopies, damaged, altered or defaced Membership Card will not be accepted. In case the Membership Card is lost, stolen or damaged, member shall report to Regal Hotels immediately and an administration fee of HK$200 for card replacement will be charged per single incident.
  • Any request for cancellation of Membership by the respective member shall be made within 3 weeks from the issuance date of the Membership Card and all the membership vouchers must not be used. Any request made thereafter will not be accepted. For Membership cancellation, an administration fee of HK$200 will be charged and process time of cancellation will be 3 weeks from the date of request of cancellation (“Cancellation Date”). All Membership benefits including but not limited to the use of vouchers and use of reward points shall cease forthwith from the Cancellation Date.
  • All member records including the accumulated qualifying dining spending amount and reward points are based on the computer records of Regal Hotels.
2.Membership Discount
  • Only one Membership Card can be used per patronage to enjoy Membership discount. Splitting or combining bill is not allowed.
  • Membership dining discount is only applicable for dine-in consumption only and are not applicable on Blackout Dates and Regal Hotels Selected Dates.
  • Each member and guest must order one buffet per person to be entitled to the Membership buffet discount.
  • For private room dining, 10% discount is applicable on regular priced items only. The dining amount should fulfill the minimum charge for private room dining (which is subject to changes from time to time at Regal Hotels’ sole discretion without prior notice) or the minimum charge amount will be charged.
  • The Best Discount Guarantee is only applicable to the credit card dining discount that Regal Hotels is offering to local banks. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any vouchers.
  • Accommodation and spa discount is applicable to Regal Card members using the service in person only.
3.Reward Points
  • Member can earn 1 reward point for every HK$1 qualifying dining spending at participating restaurants and Regal Patisserie. Please check with respective restaurant for details.
  • All the reward points will be calculated in net qualifying dining spending in dollar unit.
  • Reward points earned from the qualifying dining spending at private room dining will be granted for a maximum of 18 persons only on a pro-rata basis.
  • Reward points will not be honored for spending on accommodation and spa.
  • Members must present the valid Membership Card when requesting the bill to earn reward points. Retro-claim of reward points will not be entertained after payment.
  • Members can only earn reward points by paying the bill in person with their own credit card. The name printed on the credit card is required to match with the name printed on the Membership Card for reward points earning. Members can only earn reward points from one bill per patronage.
  • Reward points will be valid until the Membership expiry date shown on the virtual Membership Card. All unused points will be forfeited after the Membership expired.
  • Reward points are non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash or any services and cannot be combined for reward redemption.
  • Rewards redemption will take around 6 - 8 weeks to process.
  • All reward items are subject to the latest reward list issued by Regal Hotels. Regal Hotels reserves the rights to change the reward list from time to time at its sole discretion without prior notice. For details and updated reward list, please visit
  • Voucher is valid at the designated hotel(s) or restaurant(s) only as specified on the respective voucher. It is not applicable to Regal Patisserie.
  • Member must present the voucher together with valid Membership Card when requesting the bill to enjoy the offer. 
  • Member can only use one voucher per patronage (except the vouchers redeemed from reward points).
  • Reward points will not be granted for the value settled by voucher(s). No change will be given on the unused balance.
  • The value of voucher will be deducted from the bill before regular  Membership discount applies (if applicable).
  • Voucher cannot be used on Blackout Dates and Regal Hotels Selected Dates.
  • No replacement, refund or extension if the voucher is lost, stolen, damaged or expired.
  • Use of voucher is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective voucher. In the event of any discrepancy, the terms and conditions as stated in the respective voucher shall prevail.
  • Vouchers which are stated to be non-transferrable must not be transferred, loaned, resold or otherwise provided to third party(ies) for the use by such third party(ies). Respective staff reserves the right to request for valid identification document(s) of the user for verification purposes, including but not limited to documents such as credit card and/or driving license.
  • Vouchers are non-redeemable for cash or any services and are non-refundable or non-redeemable for the whole or part of the face value.
5.General Terms and Conditions
  • Regal Hotels, at its sole and absolute discretion from time to time without prior notice to members, reserves the right to modify or change any applicable terms and conditions and any other rules and policies including but not limited to applicable benefits, participating outlets, reward redemption items, Blackout Dates and Regal Hotels Selected Dates. The latest version of such terms and conditions, rules and policies are set out at Member agrees and acknowledges that any updated version of such applicable terms and conditions, rules and policies shall prevail over any previous version(s) and shall bind the member as from the effective date of the respective updated version.
  • All payments made to Regal Hotels (including but not limited to the membership fees) are in any event non-refundable despite any termination/cancellation of the membership before the expiry date. 
  • Regal Hotels reserves the right to, at its sole and absolute discretion, terminate forthwith any membership without prior notice under any circumstances Regal Hotels considers appropriate, including but not limited to circumstances where a member engages in any fraudulent acts, misconducts, or fails to comply with any applicable terms and conditions. 
  • Upon termination of membership (due to any reason whatsoever), the use of Membership Card and all Membership benefits (including but not limited to use of vouchers and use of reward points) shall cease forthwith and all unused reward points shall be forfeited forthwith. Such termination shall be without prejudice to the accrued rights and remedies of Regal Hotels. 
  • Member(s) shall be held responsible for any losses and damages suffered by Regal Hotels arising or resulting, either directly or indirectly, from (i) the use of the Membership Card or Membership benefits; or (ii) breach of any applicable terms and conditions, by the respective member. Regal Hotels reserves the right to claim against the respective member and take actions for recovery or compensation. 
  • Regal Hotels assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of any member(s) relating to or arising directly or indirectly from the member’s use of the Membership Card and any Membership benefits.
  • All information collected from Regal Card members will be used by Regal Hotels and its affiliate companies for marketing purposes and Membership maintenance only in accordance with the privacy statement of Regal Hotels.
  • Should any dispute arise, the decision of Regal Hotels shall be final and conclusive.
  • In the event of discrepancy or inconsistency between English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions and any other applicable terms and conditions in effect at the relevant time, the English version shall apply and prevail.
  • All applicable Terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Hong Kong SAR.
6.Blackout Dates and Regal Hotels Selected Dates (For Membership Discount and Vouchers)
  • Coffee Shops* and Specialty Restaurants# (except Dragon Inn)
    - Valentine’s Day (14 February),
    - Mother’s Day
    - Christmas Holidays (24 & 25 December)
    - New Year’s Eve (31 December)

* Café Aficionado, Café Rivoli, Café Allegro, Café Neo, L'Eau Restaurant
# Regala Café & Dessert Bar, The China Coast Bar+Grill, Airport Izakaya, Alto 88, Mezzo, The China Coast Pub + Restaurant, Avanti Pizzeria (*Exclude Avanti Pizzeria at Wan Chai), Vi and Carnival Bar

  • Chinese Restaurants^ and Dragon Inn
    - 3 days before Lunar New Year
    - First 3 days of the Lunar New Year
    - Mother’s Day and Eve,
    - Father’s Day and Eve
    - Mid-Autumn Festival and Eve
    - Winter Solstice and the weekend before Winter Solstice
    ^ Rouge, Regal Palace, Regal Court and Regal Terrace
  • Bars and Lounges+
    - Lunar New Year’s Eve
    - Halloween (31 October)
    - Christmas Day and Eve (24 & 25 December)
    - New Year’s Eve (31 December)
    + Tiffany Lounge, V bar & lounge and Scene Bar

Such dates are subject to changes from time to time without prior notice. Please refer to this page and check with the respective restaurant/facility/hotel for details

富豪酒店: 富豪酒店國際有限公司
會籍: 富豪酒店推出的Regal Card會籍,會員受富豪酒店所指明適用的條款及細 則所約束
會員卡: 富豪酒店根據Regal Card會籍制度發行給會員的會員卡
限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子: 於Regal Card的限定日期及富豪酒店個別餐廳、 設施或酒店指定的特定日子,會籍優惠在該些日期及日子並不適用(包括但不限 於會籍折扣、限時優惠及優惠券)。
私隱聲明: 富豪酒店就處理從本網頁收集所得的個人資料所採納的政策,和富豪
顧客: 指閣下及所有以閣下的網頁登入戶口購買貨品的其他人士。


  • 本網站的內容只向閣下提供一般資訊及供閣下作一般用途,且可能會不時更改而不予知會。
  • 富豪酒店已盡全力使網站順利運作。不過,如網站因任何理由暫停運作,富豪酒店概不承擔任何義務、責任或法律責任。
  • 富豪酒店並無就本網站所找到或提供作任何具體用途的資訊及素材的準確性、時效、可靠性、效能、完整性或恰當性提供任何保證或擔保。閣下明白,那些資訊及素材或會不準確或出錯,在法律所容許的情況下,富豪酒店明確豁免對上述不準確或錯誤須負的法律責任。
  • 閣下運用本網站內任何資訊或材料,一切風險須由閣下自行承擔,富豪酒店概不負責。閣下亦要自行負責確保從本網站所取得的任何產品、服務或資訊符合閣下特定的需求。
  • 本網站包含富豪酒店所擁有或許可發放的材料。這些素材包括(但不限於)設計、版面、外貌、外觀及圖案。除非依循版權通知(屬本條款及細則的一部份)的規定,否則禁止轉載。
  • 本網站所顯示的商標、徽號和服務標誌,由富豪酒店及其它相關人士擁有。未經富豪酒店或該等人士的書面同意,不可使用此等商標、徽號和服務標誌。本網站所載材料受版權保護。未經富豪酒店事前以書面同意,不可將此等材料的任何部分修改、翻版、儲存於檢索系統、傳送、複製、分發或以任何其他方式作商業或公共用途。
  • 本網站亦可能不時包括連接第三方網站的連結。提供這些連結僅為方便向 閣下提供更多資訊,概不表示富豪酒店認同這些網站。富豪酒店對所連接網站的內容概不負責。
  • 未經富豪酒店事先書面准許,閣下不得在其他作商業用途的網站或文件上加入本網站的連結。
  • 閣下運用本網站及因運用本網站而招致任何直接或間接形式的損失或損害(不論是否涉及侵權法、合約或其他形式,富豪酒店概不負任何責任。
  • 如果閣下對本政策有任何疑問,請以電郵至info@regalhotel.com與富豪酒店聯繫。
  • 富豪酒店保留不時更改本文所載的條款及細則而不予以事先通知之權利。
  • 富豪酒店透過本網頁銷售的所有貨品均在本條款及細則的規限下進行銷售。閣下在網頁上確認訂單,要求富豪酒店處理,即表示閣下確認閣下已經閱讀、明白並同意確認訂單時所列示的條款及細則。
  • 所有適用條款及細則之中英文版本如有任何差異,應以英文版本為準。
Regal Card會籍條款及細則
  • 會籍由會員卡印發日起計一年(12個月)內有效。
  • 此會籍乃個人會籍,申請人需年滿18歲或以上。富豪酒店有權要求申請人出示有效身份證明文件以核對身份。
  • 會員卡屬富豪酒店所有,只限會員本人使用,不可轉讓、借出、出售或以任何形式給予會員以外的第三者以供其使用。會員須於任何時間妥善保存其會員卡。
  • 所有會籍優惠只提供予親身出示有效會員卡之會員享用。任何住宿優惠須由會員親身登記並入住。富豪酒店、個別餐廳或設施的職員有權要求客人出示其有效身份證明文件,包括但不限於信用卡及/或駕駛執照,以核對會員身份。
  • 會籍優惠包括折扣、限時優惠、優惠券使用及積分獎賞等不適用於歡樂時光、購票項目、宴會、富豪餅店節日食品、特別推廣項目及菜單、全包宴、瓶裝酒及烈酒、香煙、雪茄、指定食品、茶芥、加一服務費(按原價計算)及其他服務費。
  • 除非另有指明,會籍優惠: (i) 不可兌換現金或任何服務,相關優惠全部或其部份面值均不可退款;及 (ii) 不可與其他優惠同時使用,包括但不限於其他限時折扣(如信用卡折扣)、優惠券及免費泊車及 (iii) 不可轉售。
  • 會籍優惠包括但不限於會籍折扣、限時優惠及優惠券使用不適用於限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子。
  • 如對折扣、優惠、積分計算或優惠券使用有任何疑問、要求更改或特別安排,請於結賬前向相關酒店餐廳/設施的職員查詢並處理,否則結賬後恕不受理。於任何情況下富豪酒店或旗下相關餐廳/設施保留一切最終決定權。
  • 影印本、已損壞、被改動或塗改的會員卡均不會被接受。如有遺失、被竊或損壞請立即通知富豪酒店,每次補發需收取行政費港幣$200。
  • 會員要求取消會籍須於會員卡發卡後起計三星期內提出及任何會籍優惠券必須未曾使用,逾期提出將不被接受。取消會籍需繳付行政費港幣$200,由收到要求起計(“取消日”)需時三個星期辦理。所有會籍優惠包括但不限於優惠券使用及積分獎賞均由取消日起開始無效。
  • 所有會員資料包括累積合資格餐飲消費額及積分概以富豪酒店之記錄為準。
  • 每次惠顧只可以一張會員卡享用會籍折扣優惠。不可分開或合併賬單。
  • 會籍的餐飲折扣優惠只限堂食消費,不適用於限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子。
  • 會員及客人必須每人惠顧一位自助餐,方可享自助餐會籍折扣優惠。
  • 廳房用膳之消費額須達廳房最低消費額(富豪酒店有權不時更改最低消費額而不預先通知)方可享正價食品項目9折優惠,否則將收取廳房最低消費額。
  • 最優越折扣優惠只適用於富豪酒店向本地銀行信用卡提供之餐飲折扣優惠,並不可與任何優惠券同時使用。
  • 住宿及水療服務之優惠只限會員本人使用。
  • 會員於參與餐廳及富豪餅店之合資格餐飲消費每港幣$1即可得1分,詳情請向餐廳職員查詢。
  • 所有積分以合資格餐飲消費淨額及個位計算。
  • 於廳房用膳消費所賺取之積分將按比例計算,積分最多予18位之消費。
  • 住宿及水療服務之消費不能賺取積分。
  • 會員須於要求結賬前出示有效會員卡方可獲享積分,過後恕不受理。
  • 會員須親身以個人信用卡付款,信用卡與會員卡上之名字必須相同,方可獲享積分。每次惠顧只有一張賬單可享積分。
  • 積分有效期至電子會員卡上所示之會籍有效期止。所有未使用之積分將於有效期後被取消。
  • 積分不可轉讓、不能兌換現金或任何服務及不可合併使用。
  • 以積分兌換獎賞需時約6至8星期處理。
  • 所有獎賞項目均依據富豪酒店最新公佈之獎賞目錄為準,富豪酒店保留不時修改的權利而不作出任何預先通知。詳情請瀏覽。
  • 優惠券只適用於優惠券上指定的酒店或餐廳,不適用於富豪餅店。
  • 請於要求結賬時出示優惠券及有效的會員卡,方可享有關優惠。
  • 會員每次惠顧只限使用優惠券一張(以積分兌換之優惠券除外)。
  • 以優惠券支付之價值不能賺取積分,餘額亦不設找續。
  • 優惠券面值會於賬單中先扣除,然後才計算基本會籍折扣(如適用) 。
  • 優惠券不適用於限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子。
  • 優惠券如有遺失、被竊、損壞或逾期,將不獲補發、退款或延期。
  • 優惠券之使用另受相關優惠券背面之條款及細則約束。如條款及細則存有任何差異,應以優惠券背面之條款及細則為準。
  • 指明為不可轉讓的優惠券均不可轉讓、借出、出售或以任何形式給予會員以外的第三者以供其使用。相關職員有權要求該客人出示其有效身份證明文件以核對其會員身份,包括但不限於該信用卡及/或駕駛執照。
  • 優惠券不能兌換現金或任何服務,優惠券之全部或其部份面值均不可退款。
  • 富豪酒店保留不時修訂或更改所有會籍適用之條款及細則及任何其他規則及政策、包括但不限於優惠、參與店舖、獎賞目錄、限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子,且修訂或更改前毋須另行通知。有關會籍最新條款及細則、任何其他規則及政策,請瀏覽。會員同意及確認遵守所有適用條款及細則、規則及政策,並以最新版本為準。
  • 不管會籍是否在有效期內被取消或終止,所有會員已支付予富豪酒店的款項(包括但不限於會籍費用)於任何情況下均不獲退款。
  • 富豪酒店有權在其認為合適的情況下(包括但不限於當會員參與任何欺詐、不當行為、或不遵守任何適用的條款及細則的情況下)立即終止其會籍而不須另行作出預先通知。
  • 當會籍被終止(不論任何原因)後,會員卡及所有會籍優惠(包括但不限於優惠券及積分使用)連同未使用的積分均立即失效。該會籍的終止不損害富豪酒店已累積的權利和賠償。
  • 會員須對富豪酒店直接或間接因該會員(i)使用會員卡或會籍優惠;或(ii)違反任何適用條款及細則而遭受的任何損失或損害負上責任。富豪酒店保留向相關會員追討賠償的權利。
  • 富豪酒店不會對任何會員因使用會員卡或會籍優惠而直接或間接遭受的任何損失或損害承擔任何責任或賠償。
  • Regal Card會員提供之資料只供富豪酒店及其所屬公司根據富豪酒店的私隱聲明作推廣及維持會籍運作之用。
  • 如有任何爭議,富豪酒店保留一切最終決定權。
  • 所有適用條款及細則之中英文版本如有任何差異,應以英文版本為準。
  • 所有適用條款及細則均受香港法律的制約和解釋及按其執行。
6.限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子 (會籍折扣及優惠券不適用於下列節日假期)
  • 咖啡室*及主題餐廳# (龍門客棧除外)
    - 情人節(2月14日)
    - 母親節
    - 聖誕節及前夕(12月24至25日)
    - 除夕(12月31日)

* 藝廊咖啡室、御花園咖啡室、雅廊咖啡室、儷廊咖啡室、濠餐廳
# Regala Café & Dessert Bar、華岸酒吧扒房、空港居酒屋、Alto 88、Mezzo、華岸酒吧餐廳、意廊(不包括位於灣仔之分店)、河夢及嘉年華吧

  • 中菜廳^及龍門客棧
    - 農曆新年前三天
    - 農曆年初一至年初三
    - 母親節及前夕
    - 父親節及前夕
    - 中秋節及前夕
    - 冬至及冬至前的週末
    ^ 紅軒、富豪金殿、富豪軒及富豪坊
  • 酒吧及酒廊+
    - 農曆新年前夕
    - 萬聖節(10月31日)
    - 聖誕節及前夕(12月24至25日)
    - 除夕(12月31日)
    + 帝廊、V bar & lounge及仙吧


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  • 所有适用条款及细则之中英文版本如有任何差异,应以英文版本为准。
Regal Card会籍条款及细则
  • 会籍由会员卡印發日起计一年(12个月)内有效。
  • 此会籍乃个人会籍,申请人需年满18岁或以上。富豪酒店有权要求申请人出示有效身份证明文件以核对身份。
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  • 所有会籍优惠只提供予亲身出示有效会员卡之会员享用。任何住宿优惠须由会员亲身登记并入住。富豪酒店、个别餐厅或设施的职员有权要求客人出示其有效身份证明文件,包括但不限于信用卡及/或驾驶执照,以核对会员身份。
  • 会籍优惠包括折扣、限时优惠、优惠券使用及积分奖赏等不适用于欢乐时光、购票项目、宴会、富豪饼店节日食品、特别推广项目及菜单、全包宴、瓶装酒及烈酒、香烟、雪茄、指定食品、茶芥、加一服务费(按原价计算)及其他服务费。
  • 除非另有指明,会籍优惠: (i) 不可兑换现金或任何服务,相关优惠全部或其部份面值均不可退款;及 (ii) 不可与其他优惠同时使用,包括但不限于其他限时折扣(如信用卡折扣)、优惠券及免费泊车及 (iii) 不可转售。
  • 会籍优惠包括但不限于会籍折扣、限时优惠及优惠券使用不适用于限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子。
  • 如对折扣、优惠、积分计算或优惠券使用有任何疑问、要求更改或特别安排,请于结账前向相关酒店餐厅/设施的职员查询并处理,否则结账后恕不受理。于任何情况下富豪酒店或旗下相关餐厅/设施保留一切最终决定权。
  • 影印本、已损坏、被改动或涂改的会员卡均不会被接受。如有遗失、被窃或损坏请立即通知富豪酒店,每次补發需收取行政费港币$200。
  • 会员要求取消会籍须于会员卡發卡后起计三星期内提出及任何会籍优惠券必须未曾使用,逾期提出将不被接受。取消会籍需缴付行政费港币$200,由收到要求起计(“取消日”)需时三个星期办理。所有会籍优惠包括但不限于优惠券使用及积分奖赏均由取消日起开始无效。
  • 所有会员资料包括累积合资格餐饮消费额及积分概以富豪酒店之记录为准。
  • 每次惠顾只可以一张会员卡享用会籍折扣优惠。不可分开或合併账单。
  • 会籍的餐饮折扣优惠只限堂食消费,不适用于限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子。
  • 会员及客人必须每人惠顾一位自助餐,方可享自助餐会籍折扣优惠。
  • 厅房用膳之消费额须达厅房最低消费额(富豪酒店有权不时更改最低消费额而不预先通知)方可享正价食品项目9折优惠,否则将收取厅房最低消费额。
  • 最优越折扣优惠只适用于富豪酒店向本地银行信用卡提供之餐饮折扣优惠,并不可与任何优惠券同时使用。
  • 住宿及水疗服务之优惠只限会员本人使用。
  • 会员于参与餐厅及富豪饼店之合资格餐饮消费每港币$1即可得1分,详情请向餐厅职员查询。
  • 所有积分以合资格餐饮消费淨额及个位计算。
  • 于厅房用膳消费所赚取之积分将按比例计算,积分最多予18位之消费。
  • 住宿及水疗服务之消费不能赚取积分。
  • 会员须于要求结账前出示有效会员卡方可获享积分,过后恕不受理。
  • 会员须亲身以个人信用卡付款,信用卡与会员卡上之名字必须相同,方可获享积分。每次惠顾只有一张账单可享积分。
  • 积分有效期至电子会员卡上所示之会籍有效期止。所有未使用之积分将于有效期后被取消。
  • 积分不可转让、不能兑换现金或任何服务及不可合併使用。
  • 以积分兑换奖赏需时约6至8星期处理。
  • 所有奖赏项目均依据富豪酒店最新公佈之奖赏目录为准,富豪酒店保留不时修改的权利而不作出任何预先通知。详情请浏览。
  • 优惠券只适用于优惠券上指定的酒店或餐厅,不适用于富豪饼店。
  • 请于要求结账时出示优惠券及有效的会员卡,方可享有关优惠。
  • 会员每次惠顾只限使用优惠券一张(以积分兑换之优惠券除外)。
  • 以优惠券支付之价值不能赚取积分,馀额亦不设找续。
  • 优惠券面值会于账单中先扣除,然后才计算基本会籍折扣(如适用) 。
  • 优惠券不适用于限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子。
  • 优惠券如有遗失、被窃、损坏或逾期,将不获补發、退款或延期。
  • 优惠券之使用另受相关优惠券背面之条款及细则约束。如条款及细则存有任何差异,应以优惠券背面之条款及细则为准。
  • 指明为不可转让的优惠券均不可转让、借出、出售或以任何形式给予会员以外的第三者以供其使用。相关职员有权要求该客人出示其有效身份证明文件以核对其会员身份,包括但不限于该信用卡及/或驾驶执照。
  • 优惠券不能兑换现金或任何服务,优惠券之全部或其部份面值均不可退款。
  • 富豪酒店保留不时修订或更改所有会籍适用之条款及细则及任何其他规则及政策、包括但不限于优惠、参与店舖、奖赏目录、限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子,且修订或更改前毋须另行通知。有关会籍最新条款及细则、任何其他规则及政策,请浏览。会员同意及确认遵守所有适用条款及细则、规则及政策,并以最新版本为准。
  • 不管会籍是否在有效期内被取消或终止,所有会员已支付予富豪酒店的款项(包括但不限于会籍费用)于任何情况下均不获退款。
  • 富豪酒店有权在其认为合适的情况下(包括但不限于当会员参与任何欺诈、不当行为、或不遵守任何适用的条款及细则的情况下)立即终止其会籍而不须另行作出预先通知。
  • 当会籍被终止(不论任何原因)后,会员卡及所有会籍优惠(包括但不限于优惠券及积分使用)连同未使用的积分均立即失效。该会籍的终止不损害富豪酒店已累积的权利和赔偿。
  • 会员须对富豪酒店直接或间接因该会员(i)使用会员卡或会籍优惠;或(ii)违反任何适用条款及细则而遭受的任何损失或损害负上责任。富豪酒店保留向相关会员追讨赔偿的权利。
  • 富豪酒店不会对任何会员因使用会员卡或会籍优惠而直接或间接遭受的任何损失或损害承担任何责任或赔偿。
  • Regal Card会员提供之资料只供富豪酒店及其所属公司根据富豪酒店的私隐声明作推广及维持会籍运作之用。
  • 如有任何争议,富豪酒店保留一切最终决定权。
  • 所有适用条款及细则之中英文版本如有任何差异,应以英文版本为准。
  • 所有适用条款及细则均受香港法律的制约和解释及按其执行。
6.限定日期及富豪酒店特定日子 (会籍折扣及优惠券不适用于下列节日假期)
  • 咖啡室*及主题餐厅# (龙门客栈除外)
    - 情人节(2月14日)
    - 母亲节
    - 圣诞节及前夕(12月24至25日)
    - 除夕(12月31日)

* 艺廊咖啡室、御花园咖啡室、雅廊咖啡室、俪廊咖啡室、濠餐厅
# Regala Café & Dessert Bar、华岸酒吧扒房、空港居酒屋、Alto 88、Mezzo、华岸酒吧餐厅、意廊(不包括位于湾仔之分店)、河梦及嘉年华吧

  • 中菜厅^及龙门客栈
    - 农曆新年前三天
    - 农曆年初一至年初三
    - 母亲节及前夕
    - 父亲节及前夕
    - 中秋节及前夕
    - 冬至及冬至前的週末
    ^ 红轩、富豪金殿、富豪轩及富豪坊
  • 酒吧及酒廊+
    - 农曆新年前夕
    - 万圣节(10月31日)
    - 圣诞节及前夕(12月24至25日)
    - 除夕(12月31日)
    + 帝廊、V bar & lounge及仙吧